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MAY 2009


Gender Bias in Drug Research
By Tim Karl
The majority of neuropsychiatric research uses male rodents to develop animal models for a particular disorder even though women often respond differently to medication.

Finding Nemo
By Peter Pockley
James Cook discovered the East Australia Current more than two centuries ago, but its profound influence on eastern Australia is only now coming to be understood.

Survival of the Flattest
By David Corlett
Charles Darwin’s theory on the formation of coral atolls was first proven in Tuvalu. Now the low-lying island nation in the Pacific Ocean is providing evidence of global warming as rising sea levels swamp its inhabitants.

Emotional Connection
By Louise Faber
Strong neural connections formed during emotional experiences explain why we remember them so vividly, and also why such traumatic events can lead to the development of anxiety disorders.

Small Families and Big Babies
By Daniel Falster
Why do humans have a few relatively big babies while fish and plant species have hundreds or even thousands of offspring?

I Can Feel Your Pain
By John Bradshaw
Some people can feel the pain experienced by someone else. Could the brain mechanisms behind this phenomenon be behind our ability to learn and communicate?

In Search of a 5th Dimension
By Tony Gherghetta
The Large Hadron Collider is about to probe sub-nuclear distances, possibly revealing a fifth dimension or a new “quantum” dimension of spacetime: supersymmetry.

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Commercialisation Push is Disastrous
By Doug Edmeades
Business management and the profit motive have put science in a strait-jacket, New Zealand experience shows.



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