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APRIL 2009


Rainbow Alphabets and Tasty Words
By Lindsay Hearne
What causes up to 4% of people to have their senses crossed, associating letters with a flavour, numbers with a gender or sounds with a colour?

Think, Blink or Sleep on It?
By Ben Newell
When faced with a tough decision, received wisdom variously advises us to “go with our gut feeling”, “sleep on it” or “think it through”. What advice should we follow and is there a single “best” way?

Inside the Mind’s Eye
By Colin Clifford
Modern-day mind-reading reveals that your perception of colour and motion may be more integrated than previously thought.

The Gravity Experiment
By George Hobbs
Observations of pulsars might allow us to make the first direct detection of gravitational waves within 5 years.

Corals Predict Rainfall Decline
By Nerilie Abram
Australia looks set to experience more frequent and severe droughts caused by dramatic changes in the tropical Indian Ocean.

On the Origin of Rats
By Ken Aplin
From humble beginnings in the forests of Asia, the black rat has multiplied and spread to become the most widely distributed and abundant of all mammals. Genetic research is revealing fascinating details of its evolution and dispersal history.

Out on a Limb
By Christopher Ryan
Should people with body integrity identity disorder be allowed to amputate a healthy limb?

Treaty Could End Whaling
By Imogen Scott
Japan’s whaling program could become unviable if whalers are forced to comply with environmental obligations that apply to all operations in Antarctic waters.

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Food Productivity Declining with Research
By John Mullen
In many developed countries, growth in agricultural  productivity has slowed and investment in research by the public sector has declined. Australia has followed suit.



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