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MARCH 2009


Overeating As We Age
By Zane Andrews
The fine balance between inducing and suppressing food intake becomes skewed during ageing, making weight control harder and contributing to the development of adult-onset obesity.

Megafaunal Dwarf-Tossing
By Gilbert Price
New evidence refutes the long-held view that the Australian koala is a dwarf descendent of a prehistoric giant, but the results beg the question: where did the modern form come from?

The Platypus Inheritance
By Ann Moyal
Sequencing of the platypus genome has brought new insights into mammalian evolution, but Australian scientists are concerned that funding for research into this unique animal may dry up.

A Sweet Solution to the Bitter War on Cancer
By Joe Tiralongo
Chemotherapy may become obsolete if a unique sugar called sialic acid proves the key to stopping cancer in its tracks.

Bioethics Under Obama
By Michael Cook
Barack Obama has promised to end his predecessor’s “war on science”, but what bioethics issues will he have to face?

Look into My Eyes
By Martyn Pearce
Computers that recognise emotions may be able to ramp up the action in video games and help people with dementia to communicate with their carers.

Next-Gen Biofuels
By Glenn Tong
Second-generation biofuels can benefit climate change without reducing food production.

A Cure for Shyness
By Adam Guastella
Social anxiety is one of the most common, costly and unrecognised mental illnesses. New research now indicates that a simple antibiotic may revolutionise its treatment.

New Window on Southern Skies
By Stefan Keller
SkyMapper, an all-Australian designed and built telescope, will capture more than a billion stars and galaxies that are up to a million times fainter than is visible to the unaided eye.

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Teaching Scientists the Value of Virtue
By Justin Oakley
Science students must be taught to act with integrity when faced with fraudulent research, as well as how to deal with the pressures applied to whistleblowers.



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