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JAN/FEB 2009


Discovering Dark Energy
By Brian Schmidt
Only 4% of the Universe is visible, so what makes astronomers think that most of it is made up of “dark matter” and “dark energy”?

The First Galaxies
By Stuart Wyithe
New technologies are enabling astronomers to peer through a haze of hydrogen to when the first galaxies were born less than
1 billion years after the Big Bang.

The Growth of Galaxies
By Andrew Hopkins
When did our Milky Way Galaxy form and how did it evolve?

The Magnetic Universe
By Bryan Gaensler
Magnets are everywhere, but we don’t know how they got here.

By Tim Bedding
Astronomers are now applying the methods of seismology to the oscillations of stars to allow us to probe their interiors with unprecedented detail.

Building Universes Bit by Bit
By Christopher Fluke
Computational cosmologists can create as many versions of the Universe as they like, without needing to leave their desks to look through a telescope.

Antarctic Astronomy
By John Storey
The best place to observe the stars is from the end of the Earth.

The Square Kilometre Array
By Lister Staveley-Smith
The vast collecting area of the Square Kilometre Array will revolutionise radio astronomy, allowing galaxies to be detected in the early Universe and allowing precision tests of Einstein’s theory of gravity.

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Who Watches Over Scientific Misconduct?
By David Vaux
The quality of Australian science is diminished because, unlike most OECD countries, Australia does not have an office or ombudsman for scientific integrity.



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