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The DNA Diet
By Virginia Parslow
The development of personalised diets tailored to our genes will help us to both maintain health and relieve disease.

Bird Flu Vaccines Under Scrutiny
By Simon Grose
Doubts have been cast over whether vaccines against new strains of avian flu will be effective should a pandemic strike.

Victoria’s Uranium Secret
By Bill Birch
A unique deposit of beautiful crystals in Victoria reveals how nature has locked up uranium, providing new clues for the long-term storage of nuclear waste.

The Secrets of Women’s Business
By Tu’uhevaha Kaitu’u-Lino
Menstruating mice have been developed to understand how the endometrium heals after menstruation, and may lead to better treatment options for women with menstrual problems as well as scar-free healing of burns victims and after cosmetic procedures.

Desert Lizards Get a Skinful
By Danene Jones
New research reveals how Australian thorny devils and Texas horned lizards harvest rainwater with their skin.

Gold Bullets Take Aim at Parasites
By Stella Valenzuela and Michael Cortie
Gold nanoparticles can target and kill the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, opening the way for a new treatment for parasitic infections in humans.

Biodiesel Breathes Better
By Leigh Ackland, Linda Zou and David Freestone
It is long-established that car exhaust fumes cause respiratory disease, and more recently the particulate matter in diesel exhaust has been implicated in the death of human airway cells. However, new research reveals that biodiesel is a safer alternative.

Peak Oil Drives Urgent Alternatives
By Ian Dunlop
With the world's oil supply eventually running out and concerns about global warming being matched by action, we must look for alternative supplies of energy.


A Man for All Seasons
By Peter Pockley
Professor Roger Short has expanded his expertise in the biology of reproduction to “an interest in many things”, as revealed in the second instalment of his profile.

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Malaria Vaccine Warrants More Support
By Robin Anders
While Australian scientists have contributed to the science behind the development of a malaria vaccine, there is insufficient local support for the clinical development of promising vaccines.



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