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Split Brain
By Stephen Luntz
Michael Gazzinaga has witnessed some astonishing effects in people whose cerebral hemispheres have been separated.

Resurrection of an Extinct Gene
By Andrew Pask and Marilyn Renfree
For the first time a gene from an extinct species has been resurrected in another living organism, providing evidence of the gene’s function.

You Are Only Young Once
By Claire Thompson
Intestinal bacteria established during infancy could affect your health as an adult.

Hot Southern Land
By Sandra McLaren
Rocks unusually enriched in the heat-producing elements uranium, thorium and potassium have profoundly impacted the evolution of our continent and are set to play a key role in Australia’s energy future.

Sustainable Seacage Aquaculture
By Sarah Castine
Australian and Indonesian researchers are examining ways to reduce the environmental effects of seacage aquaculture in tropical waters.

Farming without Harming
By John Williams and Fiona McKenzie
Agriculture needs to find new ways to feed the world’s expanding population in an era of climate change, dwindling natural resources and rising energy and fertiliser prices.

The Missing Carbon Link
By Peter Pollard
The amount of CO2 that plants take out of the atmosphere during photosynthesis is not matched by what is returned. Could microbes in our rivers be the missing link?

Our Sun Is Not So Special
By Jose Robles and Charles Lineweaver
The Sun seems to be a random star, blindly pulled out of the bag of all stars, rather than one selected for some life-enhancing property.


From Elephants to AIDS
By Peter Pockley
Professor Roger Short’s research interests in reproduction biology range from the largest land mammal to humans and an epidemic-causing virus.

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Getting Serious about Zero
By Tilman Ruff
There is much that Australia can do to help create a world free of nuclear weapons, especially in light of fresh assessments of their catastrophic potential damage.



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