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JULY 2008


Mother Fossil
By John Long
The discovery of a fossilised embryo hundreds of millions of years old opens a window on the reproductive biology of an extinct class of primitive vertebrates.

Antarctic Research Freeze
By Craig Cormick
Can Australia continue to maintain three scientific stations on the Antarctic continent in the face of rapidly rising costs and tightening budgets, or is the answer to find some commercial return from our stake in Antarctica?

The Platypus or the Egg?
By Stephen Luntz
The sequencing of the platypus genome promises to shed light on mammalian evolution as well as this monotreme’s strange physiology.

Fluorescing the Plastic Fantastic
By Kathryn Fairfull-Smith
A fluorescent additive that warns of free radical damage in polymers will find uses in aviation, agriculture and even housing construction.

Insect Genes May be Cancer Killers
By David Vaux
Proteins that cause cell death in insects are showing promise as anti-cancer drugs.

Slime Wars
By Dhana Rao
Bacterial toxins could soon be incorporated into “living paints” that prevent fouling of ships hulls and aquaculture farms.

Paradigm Shift
By Simon Grose
Recent discoveries have undermined established theories about the importance of “junk” DNA,  the formation of the Earth and the expansion of the Universe.

Event Horizon
By David Coward
Rare event prediction started with the Prussian Cavalry, but now astonomers are using Poisson statistics to predict the most distant and explosive events in the observable Universe.


Resistance to Pesticides – and Cancer
By Peter Pockley
Professor John McKenzie’s career exemplifies the virtues of persistence in research and lessons learned from facing life-threatening illnesses.

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Sustainability Bandwagon Is Unsustainable
By Thomas Barlow
Research organisations following the craze for sustainability research initiatives should be careful they don’t become fashion victims.


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