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JUNE 2008


By Zoe Richards
Half a century after nuclear tests shook Bikini Atoll, some corals are flourishing again while others are locally extinct.

Pleistocene Goliath
By Gilbert Price
Analysis of thousands of Diprotodon fossils has resolved the debate about how many species of this ancient giant wombat existed – and uncovered some clues to their behaviour.

Nanotech Approach to Nerve Regeneration
By David Nisbet and John Forsythe
Regeneration of nerves lost due to spinal cord injury may be possible using a nanofibre scaffold to deliver stem cells to the site of injury.

Communicating in Colour
By Devi Stuart-Fox
Rather than blending into the background, dwarf chameleons change colour to stand out from the crowd and attract mates and intimidate their rivals.

Virus Invades the Koala Genome
By Paul Young, Rachael Tarlinton and Joanne Meers
A retrovirus that causes leukaemia in gibbons has jumped species and is now inserting itself in the koala genome.

Chicken Research Crosses the Road
By Simon Grose
New research reveals that the search for a poultry vaccine has been unsuccessful because scientists have been targeting the wrong toxin.

Sex Invaders
By Paul De Barro
The silverleaf whitefly uses sex to eliminate its native opposition.

Don’t Feed the “Patent Trolls”
By Matthew Rimmer
The government is sitting on its hands when an overhaul of the patent system is necessary to keep up with advances in technology in the 21st century.


From Telescopes to Sleep Apnoea
By Peter Pockley
Dr Bob Frater’s diverse successes in research illustrate the value of a solid grounding in basic science and personal networks in creating opportunities for industrial application.

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Hurdles for Free Debate Charter
By Joan Leach
Science Minister Kim Carr wants “charters” that oblige scientists to engage openly in debates on science-based issues, but implementing this worthy aim is not straightforward and protecting it requires funding and formal provisions.


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