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MARCH 2008


Walking with Hobbits
By Colin Groves
The ancestors of the miniature hominins found on the Indonesian island of Flores may have spread out of Africa even before the ancestors of modern humans.

The Grim Tale of Australia’s Bushfire Deaths
By Tom Lowe
Forensic evidence and survivor’s stories are being used by scientists to understand peoples’ actions in bushfires.

21st Century Beer
By Vincent Higgins
Advances in the ability to measure gene activity have made it possible to “listen” to what yeast are experiencing during beer and wine fermentations.

2008: Year of the Virus?
By Tim Thwaites
2007 brought equine influenza to Australia as well as rising threats from avian flu, foot-and-mouth disease and a number of mosquito-borne viruses that are threatening to make the species jump to humans. What might 2008 bring?

The Road to the Hydrogen Economy
By Cameron Kepert and Vanessa Peterson
Recent breakthroughs in the design of molecular materials offer great promise for the storage of hydrogen gas.

How Sea Slugs Fall in Love
By Scott Cummins
A sex attraction pheromone is like a mix between Chanel No. 5 and Viagra. The only catch is you have to be a sea slug.

Plastic Bag Phase-Out Rubbished
By Simon Grose
Plans to phase out plastic shopping bags will do little for the environment.

Carr Charters Course to Sideline Censors
By Peter Pockley
A bureaucratic attempt to regain government control over scientific debate has been short-circuited by a proposed charter to protect the rights of scientists to make public comment.



Big Instruments and Huge Ideas
By Peter Pockley
Bestriding the world of astronomy as a statesman of science, Ron Ekers has been working towards the most ambitious telescope imaginable.


Base Science Policy on Evidence, Not Surveys
By Renato Schibeci
The new government’s science and technology policies should be evidence-based, rejecting its predecessor’s use of questionable opinion surveys to justify policies that have a profound impact on us all.


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