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What’s Wrong with Human Enhancement?
Human enhancement technology is making great medical and military advances, but John Weckert questions what social impacts may arise.

Emerging Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis
Chris Siatskas and Claude Bernard examine the complex changes and underlying causes contributing to multiple sclerosis, and the prospects of developing new treatments.

Shark Eggs Hatch Better Conservation Plans
Blake Harahush looks inside the eggs of bamboo sharks to reveal their embryological development, and hopes to develop better shark conservation approaches with the knowledge gained.

There’s No Place Like Home
Greg Brown asks why female keelback snakes return to the place where they hatched when it is time to lay eggs themselves.

Walking with Ancestors
Simon Grose reports that the recent discovery of two hominid fossils in Kenya has stirred the debate about the identification of our ancestors

Tasmania’s Pulp Mill: The Forgotten Issue Is Wood Supply
Chris Beadle questions whether Tasmania’s forests can meet the supply needs of the proposed pulp mill.

One Powerful Idea
This month marks the 50th anniversary of Sir Macfarlane Burnet’s publication of his ground-breaking “clonal selection theory” in the Australian Journal of Science – which is now published as Australasian Science. Stephen Turner explains the impacts of Burnet’s theory on the consequent and ongoing discoveries made in immunology.




Making Science Politically Visible
As the Federal election looms, science is on the sidelines again. Bradley Smith asks why and offers fresh directions.


Tiny Life Forms Found

Donate Your Cancer

Office Printers a Particulate Danger

Supergyre Regulates Climate

Tornadoes on a Credit Card to Tackle Terrorists

Brain Scans Reveal Why Drug Habit Is Hard to Kick

Cheap Malaria Drugs Closer

Vaccine for Salmon Disease

Wine Without Pesticide Residue

Time Travel Set for 2012

DNA Test Identifies Tender Cows

Native Fruits Rich in Antioxidants

Prize for Master of Alzheimer’s

DIY Approach to Nanomaterials

Fusion Bid Launched

Internet Filters a Poor Solution

Scientists Label APEC Declaration “Weak”

Electron Microscopy in 3-D


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