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Synchrotron Scientists Unpack Their Suitcases
The Australian Synchrotron will enable 3000 Australian scientists to overcome the tyranny of distance and accelerate their research into fields as diverse as drug development, IVF and self-cleaning textiles. Stephen Luntz reports.

Kiwis Harness Earth’s Magnetism
Peter Pockley reports on how a pervasive, unfelt form of radiation is enabling enterprising NZ physicists to make unique instruments.

Cellular Alarm
Paul Fisher looks to a slime mould to find that mitochondrial disease is caused by the signalling activity of a cellular alarm protein.

Immune Boost for Aquaculture
While immunostimulants could ensure that aquaculture remains sustainable, Barbara Nowak says that finding and using the right stimulant may not be easy.

The Trouble with the Weather
The current climate of global warming has inspired artists from across the globe to explore our stormy relationship with the weather.

Lost & Found
A survey of the world’s largest shark and ray fishery has rediscovered species first described in the 19th century by an amateur scientist – along with plenty of new species too. Bryony Bennett reports.

Media Muddy the Water Debate
Scientists are concerned that media reports have been stirring up rather than informing the public. Stephen Luntz reports.

The Great Carbon Trading Swindle
Simon Grose questions whether carbon trading is a “superficial exercise in carbon-shifting and guilt abatement”.

CSIRO Takes Stocker
CSIRO’s new Chair, Dr John Stocker, gives his first extended interview to Australasian Science’s Peter Pockley.




Research Evaluation Skews from Excellence
In a call for “accountability”, the government is introducing the Research Quality Framework as a basis for funding. Ross Crozier argues the scheme distracts from the real business of doing original science.


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Stem Cells Need Protection from Ageing

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