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JULY 2007


Toad Kill
The cane toad invasion could spread as far as Melbourne and Perth, but Rick Shine says their ecological impact may not be as apocalyptic as has been feared.

Cancer Vaccines Get Personal
Peter Pockley reports on progress in two promising areas of cancer treatment.

Humane Research into Air Toxicity
Amanda Hayes reveals how conventional methods using animals to test the toxicity of air can be made more humane, and even cheaper, by growing human lung cells on a membrane.

The Good Oil in Olive Waste
Kevin Robards and colleagues find a healthy new use for waste generated from the production of olive oil.

Curse May Be a Blessing
A noxious weed may provide a rich source of omega-3 oils to the aquaculture industry, according to Matthew Miller.

30/50 Vision
Vaughan Beck examines whether there are any barriers to achieving a population of 30 million Australians by 2050.

One Love or Free Love?
Jenny Martin finds that tree clearing can profoundly affect the social lives of marsupials.

Galileo’s Dilemma
Clive Marks draws comparisons between the censorship of today’s scientists with Galileo’s struggles with the Church.

The Amazing Human Body
Mark Lin describes an exhibition of preserved human bodies arranged to reveal our inner workings.




Engaging Science with Policy
Marine biologist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg has been at the front line of global warming by directly observing its effects on coral reefs and trying to convince politicians of the evidence and seriousness of potential consequences. He reflects on the hard lessons.


Bioterrorism Threat Udderly Controlled

Rot Researchers on the Front Foot

Forgery Protection Lights up Fingerprinting

See Like a Bee

Whale Sharks in Decline

Warmest Autumn for East Coast

Chicken Disease Suspect Cleared

Diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome Improves

More Neurons Involved in Huntington’s Disease

Possum Clues to Melanoma

Core Flash Saves Big Bang Theory

Robot Eyes Worker Safety

The Biggest Canine Loser

Fishing Disrupts Gender Benders

Climate Threat to Marine Ecosystems

Bad News on Carbon Dioxide

Success for Carbon Storage



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Cool Scientist


Naked Skeptic

Publish or Perish


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