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JUNE 2007


Birds of a Feather
Geoff MacFarlane and colleagues explore homosexual behaviour in birds.

How Does an Embryo Find Its Way?
Identifying the crucial signals required for a fertilised embryo to implant into the uterine wall may provide new targets for the treatment of infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy complications. Natalie Hannan reports.

The Origami Butterfly Effect
Ecologist Rochelle Christian talks to artist Jonathan McCabe about why the patterns on butterfly wings excite artists and scientists alike.

Cells Light Up to Reveal Disease
Steven Bottle and Ben Morrow have developed a method to determine where free radical damage is occurring within a cell while simultaneously acting as an antioxidant.

Sweet Solution to Wheat Fungus
Simon Grose discovers how a simple sugar produced by bacteria offers a non-toxic antifungal agent.

The Wallaby Hunters of Ice Age Tasmania
Jillian Garvey sifts through an archaeological treasure trove to discover the feeding habits of the most southerly population of humans during the last ice age.

Climate Change to Hit Health
Tony McMichael outlines the health challenges that Australians will face as global warming kicks in.

New Dams May Flush Bottom-Breathers Out
Some freshwater turtles can extract oxygen from the water via their bottoms, but oxygen-poor water in dams can compromise their ability to do this. Natalie Mathie says hatchlings that need to surface may be at greater risk of predation.

Saving Woomera
Redeveloping Woomera as a spaceport may help preserve Australia’s little-known space heritage, according to Alice Gorman.




Indigenous Knowledge and Students Neglected by Science
Universities need to be more committed to attracting indigenous students to science and incorporating indigenous knowledge in curricula, according to Diana Day.


Missing Gene Deepens X Chromosome Mystery

Metals Can Behave Like Sand

Alcohol Cravings Blocked

Earth to Earth, Not Ashes to Ashes

Good Research Shells

High Blood Pressure Reassessed

A Test for Parkinson’s Disease

Replication Enzyme Revealed

Cloud Seeding Revisited

Yoghurt Beats Antibiotic Resistance

Quake Destroys Reefs

Coral Disease Linked to Warming

Shady Vegies Save Water

Cancer Gene Identified

Science Treads Water in Federal Budget

“Innovation” Leads ALP’s Science Policy

Climate Change Report Presents Options for Action



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