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MAY 2007


Viral Villains
Jennifer Manyweathers reports on efforts to understand how the immune system of bats deal with viruses that are lethal to humans and other animals.

Climate Change Raises the
Heat on Wineries
Leanne Webb, Snow Barlow and Penny Whetton reveal how climate change will dramatically alter the growing season for Australian grapes and affect the wine styles produced.

Are You the Victim of Online Auction Fraud?
Jarrod Trevathan explains how to detect fraudulent bidding in online auctions.

Brightest Aussie Light Set to Probe Matter
After a prolonged, rocky start, hampered by political infighting over cost and ownership, Australia’s first synchrotron is near to official opening for scientific research. Peter Pockley explains the remarkable capacity of this forthcoming icon of Australian science for unravelling the innermost structure of stuff.

Promising Treatment for Septic Shock
Kristian Jones reveals why one of our body’s own proteins could be used to fight septic shock, which is a leading cause of death in intensive care units.

Is Bigger Better?
Tom Holmes examines the survival of juvenile reef fish.

Cyanide Removal from Flour Helps Millions
Howard Bradbury describes a simple method to remove nearly all the cyanide from cassava flour and its potential to help millions of people in Africa.

Much Ado About Nitrogen
David Vaux questions the environmental costs of artificial nitrate fertilisers used to boost global
agriculture and feed the world’s growing population.

Opportunity Knocks When
GM Moratoria Expire
Farmers of both genetically modified and conventional canola could be winners if GM moratoria are not renewed next year. Simon Grose reports.




Neglected Bees Worth Billions
Max Whitten warns that pollination of Australia’s crops by the honeybee is threatened by a devastating mite and neglect of the facilities, research and experts needed to protect Australia’s rural economy.


Galactic Giant Is Actually a Dwarf

Helium Saves Big Bang Theory

Cause of Leukaemia Relapse Identified

Disinfectant Hope for Frogs

Platelet Death Delayed

Asbestos Deaths Underestimated

Mammalian Diversification Delayed After Dinosaur Demise

Reef Fish Find There’s No Smell Like Home

Andes Shape Explained

Greenhouse Gases Make WA Drier

Fat Corals Live Longer

Marsupial Marathon

Death of Star Produces Planets

New Cat-egory of Pacemaker Recipients

Termites Sense Good Vibrations

Fluorescent Tube Plans Require Recycling

Robotic Sensors Keep Watch on Water Quality

Rainforest Recovers from Cyclone Larry



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Cool Scientist


Naked Skeptic

Publish or Perish


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