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APRIL 2007


What Makes Us Human?
Vanessa Woods compares the violence of chimpanzees with the peaceful communities of our other close relatives, the bonobos.

Bob Elliott questions whether the current ban on xenotransplantation in Australia should be overturned.

A Queen Is Made, Not Born
Ryszard Maleszka explains how the bees took an ancient gene and, via multiple duplications, created a specialised family of proteins that serve their most important social need: raising a queen.

Sex, Drugs and... Parasites
David Jenkins discovers some bizarre behaviours that aid the transmission of parasites among people.

Global Warming: Worse than Forecast
While the release of the IPCC’s report on global climate change triggered cries that “something must be done urgently to save the planet”, Peter Pockley reports that the figures published were conservative and already need updating.

Groundwater Dreaming
Brad Moggridge says we can learn to manage our precious water reserves from Australian aboriginal people, who survived on the driest inhabited continent on Earth, accessing the world’s oldest living culture to find and manage groundwater.

Science, Politics and the State of the Environment
Ian Lowe questions why scientific consensus on the state of the environment fails to stimulate political action.

Once Upon a Time There Were Megafauna
Judith Field and Stephen Wroe dissect the evidence behind claims that humans were responsible for the extinction of Australia’s megafauna.




Weed Science a Victim of the “Commercialisation Axe”
Apart from drought, weeds are the major threat to agriculture and the environment in Australia. But with research support being withdrawn next year, Rachel McFadyen argues for “public good” funding to be revived.


Extra Eye Gene Found

Slow Waves for Fast Internet

Brain’s Metal Deposits Mapped

Ion Trap for Quantum Computing

Gene Made Wine White

Beauty in the Eye of the Computer

Oldest Tissue Found

Low GI Sugar Developed from Cane Waste

Low-Cost Test for Parkinson’s

Meningococcal Vaccine Linked to Other Infections

Promiscuous Mums Seek the Perfect Sperm

Reefs Threatened by Pesticides

Cold Water Corals Chart Heat

Female Biologists Are Better, Later

A Standing Century

Australasian Science Inspires Poetry

PR Outnumbers Science Media



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Naked Skeptic

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