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NOV/DEC 2007


Jewels among the Junk
Recent evidence strongly challenges the notion that the human genome is full of “junk DNA”. Ken Pang  writes that there now appear to be lots of jewels amid the junk, and their discovery has been linked to a range of medical disorders, from autism and schizophrenia to breast and prostate cancer.

Space Science Falls Back to Earth
Australian space scientists are seeking re-entry to the space industry following the demise of FedSat. Simon Grose reports.

Power Failure!
Jennifer Manyweathers reveals how the powerhouses of our cells can short-circuit our lives.

Natural Insecticides from Spiders
Glenn King argues that insecticide chemists might do well to take lessons from spiders, the most efficient insect killers on the planet.

3-D Tectonics
Three-dimensional maps of the Earth are providing greater insights into the geological processes underlying earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Simon Grose reports.

Pretty Boys & Picky Girls: The Evolution of Butterfly Brightness
Darrell Kemp suggests that a sexual penchant for bright, flashy colours may have influenced the appearance of these beautiful creatures.

Sixth Sense
Our humble Australian yabby is the newest member of an elite club of animals that can respond to underwater electrical fields. Blair Patullo reports.

Some Like It Hot
Global warming is changing the gender ratio of turtles born each year, with bachelors finding themselves in high demand. However, Mariana Fuentes says more consequences await turtle populations.

Meat’s Carbon Hoofprint
Barry Brook and Geoff Russell reveal why a family’s meat consumption can contribute more to global warming than their four-wheel drive vehicle.



The Ageing of Science Media
Robyn Williams laments the loss of talent and lack of fresh blood in science journalism.


Slime Mould Model of Mitochondrial Disease Earns Australasian Science Prize

Tiger’s Might Worse Than Its Bite

Origins of Citrus Are Here

Arthritis Slows Cane Toads

Cytoskeleton Protects Cancers from Chemo

Enzyme Restores Insulin Levels

Too Much Insulin Leads to Diabetes

Arteries Unblocked

Coke & Wine Finds Metal Deposits

Glacier Rewrites Ice Age History

Epigenetic Nanosensors to Test for Breast Cancer

Ozone Hole Diminishing

Oldest Oxygen Discovered in WA

Iron Seeding May Not Sink CO2

Sponge Rings Reveal Sea-sons




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