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January/February 2007


Consciousness, Will and the Brain
Some extraordinary neurological disorders, and new ways of imaging the activity of discrete brain areas, have thrown light upon our understanding of consciousness and free will, says John Bradshaw.

Omega-3, Concentration and Hyperactivity
Learning and behaviour problems associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can cause a great deal of distress for children, their parents and teachers. Natalie Sinn examines whether fish oil might provide some relief.

Are Antidepressants Safe For Kids?
In recent years the use of psychiatric drugs in treating childhood depression has come under fire, generating a storm of controversy. Eileen Herbert investigates the risks of prescribing antidepressants to children.

Online Workout for Depression
Christina Heris finds new online resources are helping people with depression.

Mind-altering Parasites
Kate Miller reveals why parasites are the most ingenious and manipulative of all life forms.

Alley Cats & Sex Kittens
One of the most common human parasite infections in the world can affect our mental state, including our sexual attractiveness, IQ, schizophrenia and the likelihood of being in a car accident. Nicky Boulter reports.

Brain Swelling After Stroke
Brain swelling is the leading cause of death within 1 week of stroke. Renée Turner describes a new avenue that may extend the narrow timeframe available for treatment.

The Mind of Cephalopod
Vasiliki Tziouveli tests the ability of octopi to learn.




CSIRO Wins Important Wifi Patent Case
Simon Grose reports that a victory in the US courts paves the way for CSIRO to claim royalties from IT giants that have used its wireless technology in hundreds of millions of laptop computers.

CSIRO Innovation Goes Up in Smoke
Fred Prata developed a volcanic ash detector that could save the airline industry millions of dollars, and potentially the lives of their passengers, but says that CSIRO tried to commercialise the technology before the science was ready.


CSIRO Continues Its Diet Hype
Rosemary Stanton doubts that Book 2 of
The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet has improved
its science and safety.


Ancient Megafauna Killed by Drought

Remote Switch Combats Blackouts

Ancient Reef Runs Aground near Margaret River

Corpse Flower Blooms

Air Guitar Shirt

Water Recycling Gains Support

Carbon Emissions Accelerate

Methane Respite May Be Short-lived

Cardboard Fuel Is King

A Shower in Air

Set a Pest to Catch a Weed

More Science Teachers Required

Prize Stresses Value of Basic Research

Nuclear Report Fuels Critics



Out Of This World

Cool Scientist

Naked Skeptic

Publish or Perish


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