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Nanotech Safety: Who Is Responsible?
Sarah Belfield warns that regulation of nanotechnology products is being shared by a number of agencies, potentially leading to a lack of ethical and legal clarity.

Dark Galaxies: Do they Exist?
Marianne Doyle explores the universe in search of dark galaxies close to our own galaxy.

Lessons from Dead Giants
Modification of Australia’s environment by humans 50,000 years ago changed Australia’s climate, resulting in desertification and the extinction of significant fauna. Simon Couper reports.

Some Like It Hot
Although the ability of plants to warm their flowers benefits some species, Adrian Dyer has discovered that serving warm “food” may be a widespread advantage enabling flowering plants to attract loyal pollinators.

Cloning Goes to the Movies
Craig Cormick analyses the effects that Hollywood is having on public perceptions of cloning.

Distress a Normal Part of Life for a Damsel
The stress of being around too many other females causes pregnant female fish to have smaller babies, with implications for reef resilience.

Switchable Nanoskin Separates
the Good Oil
Anton Middelberg and Annette Dexter have developed a “protein skin” that separates oil droplets in water, with uses in oil and mineral extraction, wastewater treatment and drug delivery.

Birdsong Science
Neville Fletcher explains the ways in which birds produce their wide range of songs.

Genetic Links between Asthma and Obesity
Cheryl Salome and Michael Rolph examine gene expression in bronchial cells, and find a gene implicated in metabolic disease and asthma.


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Stemming a “Dramatic” Decline in Science Enrolments
John McKenzie says that science education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels define Australia’s future technology and innovation.


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Inshore Reef Health Declines

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Diabesity Can Be Beaten

The Lecture Theatre of the Future

Earliest Coelacanth Fossil Identified

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Short-lived Record for Fish

Living Art Mixes Mammals

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Australian Wins Prestigious Maths Medal

Memory Test Forgets Results

CSIRO Staff Slam Bosses

Report Proposes National Nanotech Strategy



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