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Why Do Men Make Sperm and Women
Make Eggs?

Josephine Bowles reveals the tricks our cells play to make sure that sperm and eggs are produced just where and when they are needed.

Lonely Hearts in Biodiversity Hotspots
Flowering plants don’t always find mates when they have to bribe animals to act as matchmakers, says Martin Burd.

Magpies Turn Their Cheek On Junk Food
Are we doing the Australian magpie irreparable damage by feeding it tidbits in our backyards? Sarah Belfield finds that while processed foods can quickly alter the bird’s natural equilibrium, the news is not all bad.

Malaria Treatment Is Not Just a Cosmetic Fix
The future weapon against malaria may be a common ingredient found in shampoo. Fenja Theden reports.

Growing a Gut in a Petri Dish
Helen Abud and Meredith Layton describe a new technique enabling researchers to visualise how gene mutations contribute to the beginnings of colon cancer.

Green Cleaners May Revive Sick Soils
The key to reclaiming soils contaminated by heavy metals could rest with a common humble organism. Leigh Ackland puts the mycorrhizal fungus under the microscope.

Photosynthetic Photovoltaics
Simon Grose profiles solar cell technology that is inspired by photosynthesis.

Nanocircuits in 3-D
A revolutionary new approach to building circuits and devices is opening up as materials scientists work out a variety of ways to grow nanowires out from a semiconductor wafer. David Salt reports.

Is Our Global S&T Built on a House of Cards?
Damian Hine and colleagues raise issues about the impact of the failure to fully support Australia’s science and technology skills base.






Government Is "Determined to Silence Independent Opinion"
Ian Lowe chronicles how the stacking and sacking of public boards, reviews and task forces has been driven by ideology and is suppressing new ideas arising from science.


Electron Holes Spin Computers

The Gold Bug

Low GI Trumps High Protein

Just One Drink Can Be Dangerous

Jenolan Caves Are World’s Oldest

Aboriginal Health: Good or Bad?

Child Obesity Survey Slammed

Conception not Linked to Lunar Cycle

A SOX on Tumours

Skills Audit Warning

Eureka Winner Shines

Crosswords Keep Dementia at Bay

Indigenous Conservation Techniques Protect Reefs

Chip Waste Put to Good Use

Scientists Weigh into Tour de Farce Controversy

Author Defends Conclusions of Maralinga Report

CSIRO Resurrects 1997 Public Comment Guidelines

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