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Largest Telescope Plan
Becomes Even Larger

The participation of New Zealand radio astronomers has boosted Australia’s bid to host the €1 billion Square Kilometre Array. Peter Pockley reports.

Less Is Moore
By picking and placing single atoms to build the world’s smallest wire, Michelle Simmons' work could extend Moore’s Law and enable semiconductors to be fabricated at the single atom level.

Fossil Brains Exposed
X-ray computed tomography has proven to be a big winner in understanding the structure and function of many materials. Now it’s being used to decipher a particularly exotic material: fossil bones that are hundreds of millions of years old. David Salt reports.

Hot Rock Energy Passes First Test
In South Australia, One of the hottest non-volcanic locations on Earth is providing clean, cheap, renewable energy. David Kay reports.

The Fragile Millions of the Tropical North
Despite its huge numbers in northern Australia, the magpie goose has disappeared from its former southern strongholds and faces an uncertain future, write Barry Brook and Peter Whitehead.

Government Pays Lip Service
to Stem Cell Debate
Simon Grose examines the political machinations that threaten to stall stem cell research in Australia.

Kids: Gluttons or Sloths?
Kids are getting fatter, but what they eat may not be to blame. Timothy Olds analyses trends in children’s diets and activity patterns.

New Dolphin Species Surfaces in Australia
Recognition of Australia’s newest dolphin species has been over 30 years in the making.

Science and Religion Are Incompatible
Robin Holliday says scientists should be more assertive in acknowledging the longstanding incompatibility between religion and biology.






Excessive Hype Debases Science Communication
Rob Morrison says that excessive claims of "breakthroughs" reduce science coverage in the media, warranting an agreement on guidelines and protocols for science communicators.


Mother of all Crocodiles Unearthed

Bushfires Prompt Addictive Behaviour

Coral Damage Unprecedented

Cleaners Eavesdrop on Client Fish

Maralinga Report Excludes Pre-1982 Mortalities

Anaesthesia Monitor Ensures Patients Go Under

CSIRO Policy on Public Comment Kept Private

Robodogs Outperform Socceroos

On the Track of Phantom Pain

Babies under the Spectroscope

Synchrotron Spins for First Time

Implants from Crocodile Bones

Stem Cell Ice Age Continues but Genetic Privacy Protected

Mutation Project Set for Melbourne

Desperately Seeking Fireball Witnesses

Nominations Open for Australasian Science Prize



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