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CSIRO Threatens Staff Over Media Leaks
Peter Pockley discovers that staff who leak information to the media face investigation by the Australian Federal Police.

Media Release: CSIRO Response Misrepresents Australasian Science Article
23 June: A statement issued by CSIRO yesterday has made erroneous claims about the article above.

Endometriosis: The Silent Disease
Although endometriosis is a common disease of women, we still know very little about how it develops. Jane Girling outlines the approaches being taken to overcome this debilitating disease.

The High-Carb Economy
Sugarcane is shaping as a key resource in a new bioeconomy, according to Stevens Brumbley, Peter Twine and Lars Nielsen

Dugongs Are Both Hoons & Homebodies
The sedentary appearance of the dugong may be deceptive, according to a satellite tracking study by James Sheppard.

Star Treks
A census of 25,000 stars has provided unprecedented insight into the formation of the galaxy by tracking the composition and path of this enormous sample of stars.

Blitzkreig: Fact and Fiction at Cuddie Springs
Did the arrival of humans result in the extinction of Australia 's megafauna, or do the facts get in the way of a good story? Judith Field, Stephen Wroe and Richard Fullagar examine the evidence at a contentious fossil site.

Should We Embrace Nuclear Energy?
Nuclear energy is this year's scientific hot potato. Media reports have concentrated on the views of politicians, but what do leading scientists think? Guy Nolch compiles their responses.

A Prescription for Disaster
Pharmaceutical advertisements in prescribing software are breaching the industry's code of conduct and doctor–patient relationships, says Ken Harvey.

Back to the Future
“Hobbits” and fossilised bog oaks reveal that we have much to learn from our ancestors, writes Chris Turney.






Restoring Opportunities for Careers in Research
For too many young Australian scientists, aiming for a life-long career in research has become an ephemeral dream as the supply of postgraduates greatly exceeds demand for them. Kurt Lambeck urges priority action.


Intelligent Design, the Hobbit Way

Greenhouse Scientists Hold Their Breath

Sunstruck Frogs

Plant Methane Emissions Revised

Climate Change Will Cost Billions

Molecule Builds the Brain Bridge

Indigenous Life Expectancy Flatlines

Caffeine Can Help Powers of Persuasion

Cancer Vaccine Passes Final Human Trials

CSIRO Admits Fault for Laboratory Death

Fibre Genes Found

Locust at the Tipping Point

A Dingo's Got My Suburb

Sheep Self-Medicate

Animals Get a Taste for the Wild Life

Scientific Salaries on the Rise

Number of Maths Students Subtracting

Australasian Science Prize 2006: Call for Nominations



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