Embryonic Stem Cells Remain
in the Freezer

While a new centre for adult stem cell research has received funding, scientists are frustrated that the Lockhart Committee’s recommendations for embryonic stem cell research are being kept on ice. Stephen Luntz reports.

Dingoes in the Dark
A pioneering technology to film animals at night could illuminate the mysteries of Australia’s wild dogs, reveals Simon Couper.

Fish, Floods and Fallacy
For many freshwater fish, floods are considered to be the best time to spawn but Martin Mallen-Cooper and Ivor Stuart have overturned this long-held belief.

Climate Change: A Tern for the Worse?
The sooty tern and other seabirds offer insights into changing sea-surface temperatures and their ecological consequences, writes Carol Erwin.

Dolphins Join the Culture Club
Genetic analyses show that tool use is culturally transmitted by bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay. Michael Krützen says that this makes dolphins the only marine mammals that have demonstrated a material culture.

The Engine Rooms of Plants
Understanding plant metabolism may unlock more sustainable plant productivity and a lower environmental footprint for agriculture in the face of increasing and unpredictable environmental stresses. Harvey Millar explains how.

Sea Snakes: Survival of the Slipperiest
Diversity and sheer numbers contribute to the success of sea snakes in the marine environment, but Vimoksalehi Lukoschek asks whether that will be enough for them to survive human impacts.

Megafauna Mix-Up
Barry Brook, Richard Gillespie and Paul Martin find fresh evidence that humans were responsible for the extinction of Australia’s megafauna.

Groundwater Isn’t A
Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

Derek Eamus argues that plans to extract groundwater to “drought-proof” Sydney will have widespread ecological and economic consequences.


Saving Aussie Science from
Third World Status

Ted Roach explains why Australia’s trade debt threatens Australia’s competitiveness in R&D.


Wallaby Milk Offers New Antibiotic Hope

Companion Star Sheds Light on Supernova

Sieve Cleans Coal Emissions

Cold Power Aids Manufacturing

Beer Rescues Reef

Golden Staph Escapes Hospitals

Immortal Tuna Created

Endangered Species Get a Taste for the Wild Life

Foxes Are Scapegoats for Cattle Disease

Grim Scientist Wins

Australians Join Giant Telescope Partnership

Asteroids Enabled Life on Earth

Second Skin for Elderly

Solar Plans to Ship Water

Search Engine Aids War on Terror

Kung Fu Science Centre Launched

Biofuel Opportunity for Peanuts

Budget Medical Joy, But Little for Basic Sciences



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