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Stem Cells Linked to Breast Cancer
Mark Shackleton says that the mechanisms that enable the mammary gland to switch milk production on and off may also explain the prominence of breast cancer.

Sea Change Threatened by Climate Change
John Church and colleagues warn that sea level rise will have serious consequences during the 21st century and beyond and will impact the lives of tens of millions of people.

Giant Clams Archive Ancient Climate
Bridget Ayling describes how giant clams are being used to reveal seasonal climate fluctations in Papua New Guinea approximately 400,000 years ago.

Whale Spotting
Driven by a love of the sea and its largest fish, the elusive whale shark, Australian naturalist Brad Norman has created a worldwide photo-identification system that enables ordinary people to assist in its conservation. Julian Cribb reports.

The Untapped Potential of Native Plants
As water restrictions parch our thirsty gardens, Margaret Johnson and Daryl Joyce look to our native flora to provide water-wise options.

The Good Oil
Stephanie Williams and Peter Gresshoff explain why legumes promise to improve the efficiency of biodiesel production, making them an even better prospect as a green alternative to liquid fossil fuels.

New Light on the Dark Side of Matter
Australia will be at the global forefront of positron physics when a high energy beamline commences operations. David Salt reports.






Fundamental Research Rules
From first-hand experience, Barry Ninham explains why basic science warrants greater priority in funding.


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